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add-e Mounting Kit

add-e Mounting Kit

Additional mounting kit for those that want to switch the engine in between 2 different bicycles.
Add-e can be fitted to almost any bicycle without trouble, by using the mounting brackets provided. You can fit the assembly yourself without having to make alterations to the bike.
Type 1 (Pedal bearing fitting) is the ideal solution for racing bikes, mountain bikes and many types of trekking bikes. The frame around the pedal bearing is standard which simplifies the fitting. In this case the mounting bracket is fitted on top of the pedal bearing and fastened securely.
Type 2 (Kickstand fitting) is the ideal solution for city bikes and older bicycles with a classical kickstand bracket. With this version the mounting bracket is bolted directly onto the kickstand bracket. Additional this mounting bracket can be used a universal solution for special bike geometries. However, if you are not quite sure which version you need drop us an Email and we will be pleased to assist you.


Delivery time: about 9 weeks

€161.33 inc VAT (21%)
Please Note:
Sales within the EU are charged 21% tax.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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