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add-e Sport

add-e Sport

add-e sport Kit

Only with add-e sport kit you can choose one of the 6 mappings for your add-e!
Specially designed for all those, who want more power, more speed, more fun!
add-e sport with 600 Watt and support up to 45 km/h (manufacturer data)
You can choose support between 5 levels

add-e is a friction roller drive. This means that the wheel of the bicycle is directly driven without the need of a gearbox. After the initial fitting, the drive unit can therefore be removed from the bicycle and re-fitted within seconds.
Additional mounting kits enable the use of add-e on a number of bikes. The drive unit and the battery can be switched easily between two (or more) bikes. Therefore you can upgrade multiple bicycles with little money.add-e is built according to the European Pedelec Standards. This means that the motor only drives when pedalling at the same time. When you stop pedalling, add-e stops as well. This simple control system makes additional handlebar components completely unnecessary.


Delivery time is about 9 weeks.

€1,109.17 inc VAT (21%)
Please Note:
Sales within the EU are charged 21% tax.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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