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Carbon Fibre Paddle with wood Blade

Carbon Fibre Paddle with wood Blade

Fancy in design and lightweight Carbon Fibre. The carbon shaft is extremely ridgid where no power is lost while paddling. The high perforance blade has got a premier foam core and a  unique wood deco. The mid-size blade gives you great power and a smooth easy stroke. You need a power paddle and pack volume is not the issue ? Then this is it

Blade length: 48cm (19 in)
Blade Width: 21cm (8.25 in)
Length: Uncut is 220cm (86 in)

Shaft: One piece
Shaft: Round
Blade surface: Carbon fibre with a wood top layer.

Weight is about 600 gr.

Blade design varies with nature. Every blade is a unique design

€219.00 inc VAT (21%)
Please Note:
Sales within the EU are charged 21% tax.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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